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MAZ International is serving the trade and manufacturing industry as a distributor & marketing arm for international suppliers of Latex & Nitrile Gloves full range, Natural Latex concentrate 60% DRC, Natural Rubber, TSNR and Synthetic Rubber from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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MAZ INTERNATIONAL is a professional Company which deliver high-end products working hand in gloves with its subsidiaries to meet customers demand. It has been privileged in serving various industries across the planet through manufacturing and supplying branded products to its end buyers such as Import/Export Latex examination Gloves, Nitrile Gloves...

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    We are committed to delivering sustainable economic performance and generating attractive...

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    ​We recognise that our business activities can impact communities and are mindful of our duty to uphold..

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    We cooperate with many well-known brands at home and abroad to provide good service and high-quality products, and also received good feedback from customers.