About Us

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MAZ INTERNATIONAL is a professional Company which deliver high-end products working hand in gloves with its subsidiaries to meet customers demand. It has been privileged in serving various industries across the planet through manufacturing and supplying branded products to its end buyers such as Import/Export Latex examination Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Sexual Wellness& Import Natural and Synthetic Rubber which comply with world quality standards.

Our product obtains all of our customers’ trust and praise. Looking to the future, we will be based on the domestic/international industry and layout of the world market, make a new round of strategic planning, diversified development and do more in environmental protection.

Let our upstream and downstream partners to achieve mutual growth together. We will do our best in improvement and become the most respected suppliers. We can satisfy shopper needs for various products we do carry. In the world market business, our product quality is stable, reliable and accuracy in delivery time. we are going to provide best services and highest quality in whole business venture with customers. Our merchandise quality an innovation is that the development of power! Our works try and pursuit of every detail let client satisfaction.

Our focus is directed towards growing and enlargement of our subsidiary partners. The MAZ INTERNATIONAL credits its capability as a consequence strategy directed towards managing business through creating the most effective use concerning in-house talent. Our product as a consequence business policy provides complete assurance concerning nice values directed toward our shoppers.

The MAZ INTERNATIONAL has been in smart positions to cater for large-scale or tiny-scale purchase from us thus arrangement for creating cargo concerning assorted product in bulk of smaller quantities are possible.